In a world of constant change, where the facts in our life change daily, we need to change our thinking…

Are you looking for a fun, creative and vibrant way to engage your colleagues & students in THINKING STRATEGIES?


Opti-MINDS Professional Development Workshops are designed to help you to:
Opti-MISE your thinking for Opti-MUM performance…

Workshops are designed around the Opti-MINDS process & philosophy, BUT the skills and activities are applicable in ALL arenas.

Elements covered are:

  • Team building and Communication Skills
  • Innovation
  • Creative & Critical Thinking Strategies
  • Problem Approach Strategies
  • Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • THE UNIQUE: “5 Thinking Cats Brain Functioning” and the Opti-CAT Team

Workshops can be tailored to suit specific needs, times and budgets.

Ring to discuss – No Obligation!

Workshops may be arranged according to schools, districts or clusters by ringing the Opti-MINDS Office on 07 3862 6211…..or e-mail us: