Opti-MINDS is proud to present our: CORPORATE TEAM WORKSHOPS

Workshops sessions are:

  • Designed around the Opti-MINDS Principles
  • Applicable in all arenas – not just Opti-MINDS!
  • Practical: Interactive, experiential format catering for all learning styles
  • Informative: All you ever want to know about Teams, Creativity and Opti-MINDS will be covered.
  • Tailored: we can make a workshop that suits your wants and needs.
  • Fun & Interactive: Why should kids have all the fun? – Now it’s your turn!

Topics include:

  • Team Building
  • Understanding of Team Members – Recognition of Skills and Abilities
  • Team Communication
  • Creativity and how to enhance it


Contact the Opti-MINDS Office by e-mail: admin@opti-minds.com

Or, by phone: +61 7 3862 6211 / +61 400 282 312