Opti-MINDS’ Mission Statement:

The Opti-MINDS Creative Sustainability Challenge is an inclusive team challenge which EMPOWERS participants to THINK, CREATE & COMMUNICATE. Opti-MINDS is a creative problem solving event for teams of participants from Preschool to Adult within 4 divisions.

It is run by Opti-MINDS Incorporated on a non-profit basis.

They are required to solve demanding, open-ended Challenges from one of the following categories:

| Language Literature | Media Communication | Science Engineering | Social Sciences |

The Opti-MINDS Challenge is an opportunity for all those with a passion for learning & problem solving to showcase their skills & talents in an exciting, vibrant & public way.

Opti-MINDS provides for the demand for sophisticated, educational & motivational opportunities. The rapidly increasing & widespread involvement of thousands of participants throughout Queensland & internationally, demonstrates that Opti-MINDS is not only a valuable & worthwhile investment in the education of our citizens, but is also an integral part of our collective future.

The Opti-MINDS process mirrors what successful businesses practise.


  • Teams are required to work together on a Long Term Challenge for up to six weeks without assistance from anyone outside the team. Participants are encouraged to explore possibilities & experiment with ideas as they endeavour to produce their best possible solution.
  • They develop creative & original ways to communicate this solution to others, working within predefined parameters such as limited materials, complex Challenge criteria & the deadlines of The Challenge Day.
  • Students present the product of their ideas – their Challenge solution – to a panel of judges & an audience on Challenge Day. They have 10 minutes in which to present & must do so in a 3 x 3 metre (Approx.) performance area.
  • The teams must also participate in an unseen Spontaneous Challenge on Opti-MINDS Day. This Challenge requires rapid interchange of ideas, the ability to think effectively, creatively, & well-developed group cooperation skills.
  • Judges for both the Long Term & the Spontaneous Challenges are professionals chosen from all areas of education, the arts & industry. They are thoroughly trained to enable them to assess the creative performance & technical aspects of the presentation.


  • To foster creative responsiveness – a “CAN DO” culture
  • To provide challenge, enrichment & stimulation
  • To facilitate the ability to adapt to & harness change to advantage
  • To foster flexibility, innovative thinking & functioning
  • To promote complex thinking & creative problem solving skills
  • To encourage reflective thinking & self-directed learning
  • To facilitate empowerment & responsibility
  • To promote an understanding & appreciation of self & others
  • To develop effective communication & collaborative thinking skills
  • To celebrate difference
  • To foster cooperation & teamwork
  • To promote enterprise & initiative
  • To stimulate a spirit of exploration, investigation, experimentation & a love of learning
  • To provide a collaborative link between all sectors of education, community & industry


Opti-MINDS’ aim is to enhance the potential of all participants by developing diverse skills, enterprise, time management & the discipline to work collaboratively within a challenging & demanding environment.

We encourage participants to be UNASHAMEDLY EXCELLENT!®


  • Opti-MINDS looks beyond conventional achievement & understands that the pursuit of excellence knows no boundaries.
  • Opti-MINDS offers participants a total experience, providing challenge & growth through its Long Term & Spontaneous problem solving structure.
  • The Challenge process provides a platform for excellence & equips participants with strategies & skills which will support future success.


Anyone, anywhere interested in creativity, collaboration, innovation & FUN!
Teams of 4 to 7 members may be entered according to details:

  • DIVISION I – P-6
  • OPEN DIVISION – P-ADULT including Tertiary Students: Open to EVERYONE!!!

You can enter as MANY teams as you like!!!

Teams can be made up of any of the above combinations, but remember….

….the Teams’ Division will be determined by the age of the OLDEST team member.


Opti-MINDS is a CELEBRATION of the talents & abilities within our society!

Thousands of people flock annually to participate in; to watch & to enjoy the exhilarating spectacle of presentations & ingenious solutions created by motivated participants who have accepted The Opti-MINDS Challenge. Take up the challenge of Opti-MINDS & help build a brighter future for us ALL!