“It is hard to believe that it has been 12 months since our last event. A lot has happened in the world in those 12 months; unfortunately some of those happenings have been quite alarming. As a human you start to question just where our world is heading, and then along comes an event like Opti MINDS which puts you at ease.

You see the future leaders and citizens of our country working together to overcome challenges plus giving up their time to represent their schools. You see teachers, parents and community people coming along to support our youth in their endeavours. You see children from varying schools sharing the same commitment to excellence but in a way which conveys respect, honesty, consideration, cooperation and that good old Opti-MINDS Spirit.

You see people laughing, smiling, cheering and celebrating and suddenly you realise that the world has got a lot of positives amongst the doom and gloom. Whilst this sounds a touch corny, it is hard to walk away from an event like this and not take away some kind of hope and positive outlook for the future…”

Brent Heiniger, Teacher at Kawungan State School

Opti-MINDS Inc. is a non-profit organisation dedicated to education, our youth and our future. We are proud to have served these aims over the past 21 years and have been encouraged by the many stories of support for – and the benefits gained through participation in – the Opti-MINDS Challenge over that time…

As a Facilitator, I observed a group of students working together & felt that what I saw was education at its best.”

Carol Sharp, Teacher, All Saints Anglican.

During the first semester of grade 11 a teacher put out a notice asking whether any students were interested in participating in the Opti-MINDS Challenge. Without entirely understanding what the Challenge involved, but keen to extend ourselves, a group of us close friends decided to find out more. Our interest soon grew and we made what I consider a life changing choice and signed up to take part in the 2008 Opti-MINDS Challenge. Opti-MINDS has given me the opportunity to Challenge myself intellectually as well as creatively, while showing me the importance of sustainability.

That is why I came back to take part in the 2009 Challenge. The Opti-MINDS Challenge has been an incredible learning experience and an amazing amount of fun! I sincerely recommend it to anyone who is after a little more in life. No matter what sort of person you are the Opti-MINDS Challenge can provide something for you. The skills you gain and the friendships you make are ones which will be with you forever”.

Joshua Deerain – Opti-MINDS’ State Finalist 2008 & 2009 + Opti-MINDS International Exchange 2008

Ministerial Letter to Ms Fiona Meyer, Director, Opti-MINDS Inc. re letter of support for 2013~ Click here to download and view